Nancy Hoefer of Grandview, WA

I guess because I am a "senior" (ahem), I was able to pick quite a few charms that pertain in some way to my blessed life!

First I must choose a cross (charm #4915) which represents my faith in Jesus, the Lord. My husband is the first person I will honor with the choice of a special charm which may seem odd to some, but to those who know him, they would totally understand. The hot dog charm (charm #2267) and the pickle (charm #2398). That will also represent my grandchildren who have all learned to love pickles from their Pappy! It is always a treat at our house when they visit.

The next charm represents those grandchildren again, they call me "Nana" so I would choose charm #2428. And their parents were all pretty special to me, so a "Mom" charm would be appropriate. Charm #6182 is the one I chose. I have 6 children, 13 grandchildren and two more on the way! I have a wonderful and beautiful family. But my family doesn't stop there. I am the eldest of 14 children so I would want a sister charm, (charm #3186). Because I was quite helpful to my mom with the large family, and because I actually had quite a few of my own children, I thought this charm would be humorous, charm #0935, The Old Lady in the Shoe!

Now I must have a few charms about me, charms that if someone looked at my bracelet they would nod in agreement. The first one would be charm #8169), the purse. I just can't get enough purses. They are everywhere. Do I use them? Yes, some of them I use and some of them just hang around on the walls and look beautiful! I have an obsession with them, some would say. (I wouldn't say that...)
I love to read and have been a voracious reader except for about two years of my life. Well, seven years if you count years 1 through 5! Those two years I was very ill but reading has become important to me once again. I chose the book (charm #3160) for this reason.

Okay, last but not the least by any means, I chose #4507. Flowers have always played an important role in my life from the time I was in high school and my hubby would bring flowers to me quite frequently, and he still does. He also bought me a flower shop, which I owned and operated for several years. Flower Bouquet (charm #4507) represents my love for flowers of all kinds and my husband's as well.

There you have it. In a nutshell this is the story of my life. As I said, I could have easily put 9 or 10 more charms on my fictitious bracelet. You have such a diverse selection of charms! I have always wanted a charm bracelet, especially one which would speak of me or to me! Thanks for allowing me to enter your contest, it was really quite fun!

Nancy L. Hoefer
Grandview, WA

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