Natalie Rider of Dover, Delaware

Picture of winner's bracelet.

When we picked up our little poodle mix (Poodle, 3044), he was the last dog left from the litter. The little "runt" was so tiny he could fit in the palm of our hands (Praying Hands, 0216). Immediately we fell in love with our dog named Poochie. Having never had a puppy before, our family quickly found out how much trouble they can create. Those little growing teeth soon began chewing up everything in our home. Even our furniture and drywall wasn't safe. It seems like during those first few months we were constantly fixing everything! (Hammer, 0581) We should have known, because from the beginning, his little playful personality was always evident. For playtime, Poochie's love is his old yellow tennis ball (Tennis Ball, 6540). Playing fetch with the family, or tossing it around by himself, he never tires. His favorite treat is having vanilla ice cream (Ice Cream Cone, 8141) on birthdays, and going "bye-byes" for walks (Fire Hydrant, 0248) with the family. This past July (07 Heart Birthstone July, 8350), it was four years since we first brought Poochie home. He's brought us all such happiness, that we can't imagine a day without our little love.

Natalie Rider
Dover, Delaware
Dog Tales Winner
August, 2013

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