Nell Cassady of Cantonment, FL

Picture of winner's bracelet.
My life story is about to change in a very big way. For 36 years I have been an elementary school teacher, and I plan to retire in the next 3 years. To celebrate this upcoming event, I would love to have a Rembrandt Charm Bracelet that depicts all the exciting things that I am planning for my retirement. The first thing I'm going to do when I retire is throw away the alarm clock (#8190). For years I have gotten up at 5:00 AM every weekday morning. I can't wait to wake up on my own. Next I want to spend more time with my husband (#4936). We have been married 20 years and it seems as if only a few months have passed. He enjoys kayaking (#8111) and I've promised him I will learn to paddle along with him. I foresee many lazy days just floating along on the river. I've always admired good Southern cooks, but I've never found enough time to learn how to cook more than the average meatloaf and potatoes (#2008). I want to create some fancy desserts--look out Paula Dean! Next, I want to spend entire days reading. As a teacher, I spend a lot of time reading already, but retirement offers endless reading opportunities. I want to read the classics and lots of history and non-fiction. My favorite books (#3160) are biographies. I'll admit I've read the life stories of people I didn't know existed. I love flowers and beautifully manicured lawns but, you guessed it, I've never had time to devote to gardening. I think I will take some classes at my local agricultural extension office. Then I will know just what kind of plants will thrive in my own backyard (#8174). I have a really important wish to fulfill for myself (#2981). I want to be a volunteer "Rocker" (#2474) at the hospital newborn nursery. I will rock and cuddle newborns that need extra attention. As I reflect on my career, I see just how fast the years have flown by (#3647). I'm looking forward to the next phase of my life story and wearing my lovely Rembrandt Charm Bracelet will let me anticipate every moment.

Nell Cassady
Cantonment, FL

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