Olivia Schaber of Milwaukee, WI

Picture of winner's bracelet.

I wasn't looking to add to my family, but when I saw this tiny abandoned puppy, I knew I was meant to be her mom. Her name is Miata, but we call her Meatball. She's a mini Doberman (DOBERMAN #0299), but nobody tell her that! She was very sick when she came to us, but with a lot of luck (SHAMROCK #1279) & TLC, she pulled through. We've celebrated her birthday (CUPCAKE - PINK ICING #8368) 6 times! My love for this 4 pound firecracker inspired me to help more abandoned animals, so my Husband (FILIGREE HEART #3618) and I decided to start fostering dogs (PAW PRINT #5663). I found Cora. Just like Meatball, she had me with a look. She was the first one we were going to save from death row at our local high-kill shelter. When I called to arrange her foster care, I was told I was too late and she had already been euthanized. I was devastated & felt like such a failure, but I take comfort knowing she’s happy and healthy at Rainbow Bridge (RAINBOW #8186). I just wish she got the chance to feel my love. In honor of Cora, we persevered and have since saved 8 dogs and 4 cats. I know I’m doing exactly what I’m meant to do; Save & help unwanted & homeless animals! We proudly foster for three rescues and have founded a fundraising & awareness organization. My motto? PEACE ::: LOVE ::: ADOPT! (PEACE TAG W/HEART #8445)

Olivia Schaber
Milwaukee, WI
Dog Tales Winner
October, 2013

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