Pamela Gullett

Picture of winner's bracelet.

When I was 15 years old my uncle who was like a father to me bought me a charm bracelet. After my 16th birthday he passed away with cancer so this bracelet meant more to me than it ever had. The very first charm that I would place on another charm bracelet would be the Rope Disc (#8180) with his name, Eugene, engraved in it to honor his memory. I remember it had a Sweet 16 Charm (#0682) on it and a key (#8410). Not long after that my bracelet was stolen along with some other jewelry. Even though I could never replace the sentimental value of the bracelet I would love to start another one to continue my life story. I live in Kentucky (#3397) and since his passing I have gotten married to my wonderful husband Ben which I would reflect on the Calendar Rope Frame (#8339) Anniversary charm. We enjoy attending Civil War reenactments as a family so I would have the Cannon (#8201). I have two sons, Jordan and Jacob. Having their names, dates of birth, as well as the birth weight on the Birth Certificate charm (#4763) would mean so much to me. The last charm that I would like to have at this time would be the House (#0798) charm because I recently started a career as a realtor.

Pamela Gullett
London, Kentucky
Story of Your Life
August, 2013

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