Patricia Clauser of Dover, DE

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I was born in South Carolina (3913-PALMETTO 3D) to a mother of Slovak heritage and a father of Polish heritage. The eldest daughter to two loving parents, they instilled in me, and my 4 siblings, the importance of keeping God (4938-CROSS) in our lives and to never loose our faith in Him. Being that my father was an Air Force pilot, we eventually moved to Delaware (3135-DELAWARE). It was there that I celebrated my 20th birthday, my 30th birthday, my 40th birthday, yet still no husband! Need I say more! Not ever loosing my faith though as I grew older, I trusted that God would send me a loving husband. My prayers (0216-PRAYING HANDS) were answered soon after my 42nd birthday when I met the man who was destined to be my husband. He was a navy veteran (8153-SAILOR HAT) and was an aviation jet engine mechanic at the time we met. Both he and my father shared a love of aviation (0632-airplane) and both served our country in the Air Force and Navy with honor and pride. It wasn’t long and we soon came to realize that we shared many things in common, our faith, our Slovak roots, our love for polkas and accordion (8144-ACCORDION) music from the old country, Slovakia. Neither of us having been married before, we were eager to purchase our 1st home (0733-HOUSE) soon after we wed (8165-BRIDE AND GROOM). It wasn’t long however, that we soon realized that we were both nobility in each other’s eyes, for he soon became king of our castle and I the queen. We’re soon to celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary and though we really don’t live in a castle but a modest home, I know that my heart (6401-HEART) will forever be filled with hugs and kisses for the man I love!

Patricia Clauser
Dover, Delaware
Story of Your Life
September, 2013

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