Patricia Dolata of Canon City, CO

Picture of winner's bracelet.

The Story of My Life (in Rembrandt charms) My life’s journey began in Chicago, Illinois (charm #4168 Chicago Skyline) where I was born and raised and married my high school sweetheart. We met at a high school dance and we’re still dancing. My childhood years were spent in a foster home and that experience brought about a love for the Irish as my foster parents were Irish immigrants and I grew up cherishing their Irish heritage. To this day, my Polish husband, who is a sweetheart, goes out of his way to make St. Patrick’s Day special for me by playing Irish CD’s all day, both in our home and in the car, and bringing me a green carnation. I make the corned beef and cabbage. As a symbol for the Irish heritage that I chose to adopt, and the love of my wonderful husband, although Bob isn’t Irish but respects my Irish heart, I would choose the Claddagh (charm #7793), the Irish symbol of love, friendship and loyalty. My husband and I have two adult children: 1) a daughter who is married and has blessed us with our now 16 yr old granddaughter; and 2) a son, single but in a relationship. My Tree of Life (charm #0808) would have to include six birthstones for: 1) our daughter (Sept. – Blue Sapphire; 2) our son-in-law because he’s family, too (Jan. – Garnet; 3) our granddaughter (May – Emerald); 4) our son (Feb – Amethyst); 5) my husband (May – Emerald); and 6) me (Dec. – Blue Zircon). My faith is most important to me so the Cross (charm #4433) would be very meaningful. I love to travel. A highlight for me was a missionary trip to Nicaragua in 2009. I had the privilege of meeting the little girl that Bob and I had been sponsoring on a monthly basis and I got to spend a whole day with her and even visited with her family in their home. What a wonderful experience! This trip is the first time I ever needed a Passport (charm #3895) engraved with “Nicaragua 2009.” I have always loved Christmas. I dreamt years ago of having a business selling department-store-quality artificial Christmas trees and decorations; that dream became a reality while living in Nebraska, where I opened The Pine Tree. Charm #3901 Partridge in a Pear Tree would make a delightful remembrance of that time in my life. Charm #7754-Camera. I am a camera freak. I take pictures of EVERYTHING! I think some of this fanatic behavior comes from the fact that being a foster child, I have only one or two pictures from my early childhood. I was determined that my kids’ youth would be immortalized in pictures. I should only be so lucky to find the time and money to scrapbook the many pictures I have taken over the years, although I admit to doing my fair share of scrapbooking. I find it relaxing because most people take pictures of happy times and it makes me smile to document these times creatively. My cat (charm #0977) is a treat. To think how I used to be terribly afraid of cats! Kenji cured me of that, and he makes me laugh. He loves to play Hide and Seek with me and then jump into the bathtub. As my husband and I are now celebrating 50 years of married love, the 50th Anniversary charm (#2012) would be an appropriate keepsake. If engraved, I would like it to read: “Oct. 24, 1964.” I’m now in the fall season of my life’s journey. My husband and I have decided to retire to the beautiful State of Colorado (charm #4063). We came here from Iowa four years ago just to visit a friend and felt so comfortable that we decided to make Colorado our home. The mountains are gorgeous and the views that unfold in the Colorado sky are simply fantastic; even when there is a storm brewing, it is still beautiful to watch the amazing cloud formations. I can just feel the majesty of God all around me.

Patricia Dolata
Canon City, CO
Story of Your Life Winner
December, 2013

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