Patricia Shaffer of Lancaster, PA

Picture of winner's bracelet.
The story of my life begins in Lancaster County, PA. I was born into a large and loving family. One of my fondest memories as a child is of my dad sending all of my cousins and me out into the yard to hunt for four-leaf clovers. He promised to give five dollars to the first person to find one-we searched and played all day long. Dad was a genius! (4-leaf clover 1971) Mom’s name is Rosemary; she hates the winter and “blooms” from spring thru autumn. (Rose 6489) Music has always been a big part of my life-my gift and my favorite to play is the French horn. (2344) The tree of life (0808) best represents my 6 children, always growing and changing. After a long marriage and an ugly divorce, I had to remind myself to act and demand to be treated well. I wore my youngest daughter’s toy tiara around the house (Tiara 2418) Just when I thought I would never love again- in walks my knight, wrapped in a tuba! I met Blaine while playing in a community band. (Tuba 7779) We married on New Year’s Day, 1/1/11-new year, new beginning! (Wedding ring disc 0946) The big chunky heart (6401) represents all the love I feel in my now larger combined family! And finally the daffodil (3305) is my favorite flower because of its sunny color and promise of spring. That’s all for now, this bracelet only holds 10 charms, and I need to save space for a grandma charm that I hope I’ll need sometime soon!

Patricia Shaffer
Lancaster, PA

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