Paula Daeon Harris of San Antonio, TX

My mother, June Bartlett Harris, was born in 1942 on a cotton farm near Lubbock, Texas (Tractor #6565).  She grew up like many girls in the 40s and 50s from a small town, with a sense of independence, yet a sense of small town values.  As a teenager, she decided to find a trade and attended beauty college and worked as a hair dresser (Comb & Scissors #0799).  That did not seem to be the right fit for her so she later attended West Texas State University in Canyon, where she met my father.  Dad dreamed of being a military man and she dropped out of school when they married (Heart #3618) and supported them both for two years while he finished his degree.  Then they were off to France (Eiffel Tower #0253), where he was posted during his 2 years in Europe with the Army.  Mom loved being an Army wife and quickly established a home for them and soon had a daughter (me) on the way (Rocking Chair #2474).  When their next child was born, Mom was alone while Dad was stationed in Vietnam.  They had managed to return to Texas (Texas #3651), find a home and have Dad return to duty in the month before my sister Julie was born.  Mom was the strong one, though, taking care of her two little girls while her husband was serving his country (US Flag #5590).  After his return and discharge from the service, they moved several times until Dad found just the right fit with a oil company.  After the birth of their third child, Mom decided to return for her college degree.  She worked full-time, raising two teenage girls, and one younger girl while attending college part-time.  It took many years for her to complete her degree (Graduation Cap #1149) partially because our family moved several times during those years.  Eventually, Mom became a teacher (Book #3160) until she and Dad both retired.  Dad died three years ago and Mom lost the love of her life.  But, that didn't stop her from trying new things.  She moved to San Antonio to liver with me, where she volunteers as a tutor and mentor at a local school.  She has always been the strength that had holds our family together.  She is ever changing, like a butterfly (Butterfly #3763), yet remains that independent person she developed into at such a young age.

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