Rachael Gray of Jamestown, NY

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My husband and I met in the fall. It seams that all the best things in my life happen in the fall. It is my favorite season with the cooler weather, and the beautiful colors. A few years after we met, my husband, knowing I loved the fall, and knowing that Halloween was one of my favorite days, proposed to me by carving the proposal into two Jack – o- lanterns (#3485). They said, “Will you marry me Rach?” We were married on Halloween a couple years later. Right after we were married, my husband was laid off from his job. He decided to go back to school for environmental science. He loved the woods and being out doors. He had such a passion for it; we couldn’t walk through the woods with out a lesson. We were able to learn together. He taught me tree names and how to tell what they are. He taught me the difference between dragonflies (#3693) and damselflies. He was able to help tag and release Saw Whet owls (#0360), and I have a picture of him holding one. I was able to help him with field studies involving trees where I became my own measuring unit. He would have me stand in front of a tree knowing how tall I am, and then multiply how many of my height it took to get to the top of the tree. It was so much fun learning the life cycling and trying to figure out how old the trees were. I have learned so much from him. He is my best friend. We love to camp together, and just be out doors. On one camping trip, he took me to a field so we could lie in the grass and watch a meteor shower. We watched as the shooting stars (#6305) flew across the sky. We had tried for years to have a baby, and after being told we probably would not be able to, we decided to get a dog (#3019). We brought home our Border collie / Austrian Shepard mix and named her Abbie. We went with that spelling because it means brings joy, and that she did. My cats (#1254) were not impressed by the little pitter patter of doggy feet and I had muddy dog prints (#5663) everywhere, but she was worth it. A year later, while camping (#3169) in the fall with my husband’s family, we found out we would be hearing a different kind of pitter patter. We were expecting a baby (#0516). We were so excited! Alexander was born in June. He grows so fast and is the absolute joy of my life. We take him hiking and camping, and his great grandmother and I go look for dragonflies. Now my husband and I get to teach our son all of the things he has taught me over the years. Our son has brought all the generations (#0808) of my family together, and made for a stronger family. It makes you truly value time (#3647). Treasure the people you love in your life. Make sure they know how much you love (#6086) them, and how happy they make you! Always look at the bright side.

Rachael Gray
Jamestown, NY
Story of Your Life Winner
November, 2013

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