Rachael Neidinger of Pittsburgh, PA

The Story of My Life (So Far)...
I feel a little out of place writing my life story at 17, but with my 18th birthday (charm #4258) this month, I thought maybe now wasn't a bad time for a recap of what's happened so far. Where do I start?

I am a figure skater (charm #0521) and have been since I was a little girl. More recently, I have become an ice dancer and had a partner. He was Russian, which lead me to begin studying the Russian language (charm #2325) even now, after he has returned home because of differences in our skating.

I had another partner, who was also a good friend from Canada (charm #1049) but more bad luck struck. His mother could not compromise on our training our needs and pulled him from the sport. I lost a whole season, but have continued to improve my own skating and am hoping to find another partner this year. I've put in a lot of hard work, but I could use a little good luck too! (charm #2582)

When I am not skating or studying the two languages I have come to love, Russian and Chinese (charm #3796), I enjoy reading (charm #1363). Especially Jane Austen. There's an uncanny resembles to partner searching to the match making in Austen's novels! I even try my hand at writing romances and tales about funny (I hope!) and strong heroines (charm #0762-1374).

Another way I like to spend time not spent on ice is by knitting (charm #1783).  Through some of my toughest times, I have knitted my way through. It's also a huge way my mom and I stay close, we spend hours together, knitting, chatting and watching movies!

So as I step into my future, it would be nice to have a friendly little charm bracelet, jingling on my wrist, cheering me on. Maybe I'll find a skating partner and fulfill my dream, maybe I'll write a novel, maybe I will finish that sweater I'm knitting, maybe I'll make a career out my languages, there's so much I might do, I'd need a crystal ball (charm #3538) to know for sure!

Rachael Neidinger
Pittsburgh, PA

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