Shanda Fruhling of Kearney, NE

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This is a story about my daughter (6145 Daughter) and her black Pug (Pug 3490). My mother raises Pugs. For years and years my daughter wanted one so badly and she never got the chance to get one. But 2 years ago, my mother had a litter that was black Pugs. So we got a phone call telling us that she would give her one. So the next day we went and looked at them and my daughter decided to play with the four puppies and pick one she liked. And a little black Pug wouldn’t leave my daughter’s side. He acted like they had known each other forever. It was like when you find your first love (2 Hearts 4512). So we took him home and he was so nervous meeting our other dogs. We have a Boxer (Boxer 0300) and they are the best of friends (Best Friends 6596). Every year for Buddy’s birthday (Gift Box 8261) we throw my daughter’s black Pug a birthday party. I know it sounds silly, but he has made my daughter grow up and take responsibility. They are cute together. My daughter plays her guitar (Guitar 2900) and that dog sits and listens to her play a song for him. They spend a lot of time together. They go for walks, jump on the trampoline together and they even sleep in the same bed, cuddling together. He is like her guardian angel (Angel Wings 2750). He has even helped my husband with his depression. So he has helped us all in life. He is such a good dog. I’m glad he is part of our lives. 

Shanda Fruhling
Kearney, NE
Dog Tales Winner
September, 2012

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