Shannon Hadley of Waterford, MI

Picture of winner's bracelet.

Driving one Sunday afternoon, we stopped at an animal rescue event on a whim. Immediately, we fell in love with a little boy named Buddy, who we were told was a Dachshund (#1790). Four days later, he found his way into our home and our hearts. Immediately, he and Ivey, our Boston Terrier (#2879) became the best of friends. Ivey showed him how rides on the speedboat (#7735) were the greatest, that ice cream cones (#8141) were easy to get a taste of if you just showed a cute snaggletooth, and that the five cats (#0977) roaming the house really weren't all that bad. Two months later, one can find the two boys snuggled together on the Adirondack chair (#3800) by the lake or on the deck talking to the squirrels (#6538) who might just drop an acorn treat. It's like Buddy has always belonged here!

Shannon Hadley
Waterford, MI
Dog Tales Winner
June, 2013

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