Sohini Kar of Cupertino, CA

Picture of winner's bracelet.

When I was a young child, I loved the idea of a charm bracelet to tell about my life and show my blessings. I think it is a wonderful way of showing important events and people/pets in one's life. I forever have wanted to get a charm bracelet, but never got around to buying it. Recently, one of my friends was showing theirs off and I asked her where she got it. She told me of Rembrandt, and I wanted to take a look. I stumbled upon these contests and loved the idea of a life story contest and decided to try it out! Since it will be my birthday soon, if I win, I'll consider this a birthday present! :) I want to recreate this bracelet like the one I dreamed of when I was a young girl. I was very fond of tennis, and I still am, so my first charm will be a tennis racquet (#3947 – TENNIS RACQUET). I also loved chocolates and books. I used to curl up on a couch, read a book, and munch on a piece of chocolate on rainy days. Therefore, my next two charms will be a book (#1363 – BOOK) and chocolate (#6386 – CHOCOLATE CHIP). The only place I have ever felt safe is at home. If I am sad, the sight of my house cheers me up. It is my favorite place in the world. It is the place where I do everything and where I reached my most important milestones. Because of this, I would like my fourth charm to be a house (#0418 – HOUSE). My parents have been a big part of my life. They have supported and loved me. My father is an electrical engineer and builds phones and laptops. In honor of him, I would like my fifth charm to be a cell phone (#2932 – FLIP PHONE). And in honor of my mother, who LOVES tea, I would like the teapot (#0691 – TEAPOT). I would like the heart cage with the October birthstone (#8350 – 10 HEART BIRTHSTONE OCT) in honor of my daughter. I love it when it is my birthday, so I try to make her birthday special, too. With this charm, I can show her that her birthday also matters to me. One of my earliest memories was going to the carnival. I remember colors and rides and people everywhere! The most vivid memory of that day was riding on the carousel with my mom. I would like my eighth charm to be a carousel (#3345 – CAROUSEL) because of this. I would also like an ice cream cone (#8141 – ICE CREAM CONE) in honor of my first "surgery". It was not exactly a surgery, since it was a scope procedure. Afterwards, I was instructed to eat something cold. The first thing I chose? A scoop of vanilla ice cream! Last but not least, I would like a locket charm (#8606 – LOCKET) to hold my secrets and pictures of those who I love. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to talk about my life! It was nice opening up and remembering old memories! :)

Sohini Kar
Cupertini, CA
Story of Your Life
February, 2013

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