Stacy Jipson of Sabattus, ME

As I sit to type "the story of my life", I can't help but wonder if I will remember it all. It's a mystery isn't it? I see a big question mark yet I know there are so many things worthy of mentioning. I would have to say the first one would be the cuckoo clock (#1378) because of the hours I spent as a child at the most wonderful place in the world. My Grandparents house. The clock was brought back home by my Grandfather during WWII and it held alot of significance for me. For one his safe arrival home after four years away and the other would be time. Time that we still had with him and it was so very precious. My second charm in my life story would have to be The key that fits my heart (#6431). I started dating the love of my life on September 24th, 1988. I was fourteen and he was sixteen. Almost ten years later we were married and have been together for almost 18 years. He is the love of my life and although we have had our moments I would not change any of it. Without him I would not be who I am today and I thank him whole-heartedly for that. My next charm would be my most life altering one. The birth of my sweet little girl. July (#3337). She has a big heart and just holds my heart in her little hand. I have been in love with her since the very knowledge of her existence. Being a Mom has been the greatest adventure I have ever embarked upon. I would not want to be anything else. The next charm would celebrate the birth of our second and final child. A son. He is so loving and and his laugh is just contagious. I love this boy so very much he is an old soul and just looking at his little newborn face told us that. His charm would be September (#3339). My next charm would be Camera (#7754). I have found my creative passion in life and it is found looking through the lens of my camera. I am a photographer. I can say it and it amazes me. I have always questioned my creative ability but with this it just flows. I am a photographer. I look through the lens and just become lost in the image. Trying to pull emotion and beauty into my work is my goal. My next charm would be a sad yet bittersweet charm. Rocking chair (#2474). I lost my dear, sweet Grandmother in 2003 and just this year lost my Grandfather as well. We just buried him today and while this is Mother's Day it is still a sad day for me. This empty rocking chair depicts the emptiness that I feel for them. They were truly remarkable people and I will feel their loss for the rest of my days. Not a day passes without a memory of them. Their love and words of wisdom will be forever in my heart and soul. I love and miss them so very much. My next charm would have to be the hourglass (#3647) because I always worry about time. Will there be enough? Will I get to watch my two beautiful children grow up and have families of their own. Will I get to celebrate 60 years of marriage like my Grandparents did. And lastly I would choose the Dragonfly (#3693) because it symbolizes good luck to me and I hope to soar into into the future with years filled with good luck and make all of my family's dreams come true. Who knows what lies ahead? I am so excited to find out!

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