Sue Nykamp of South Lyon, MI

Picture of winner's bracelet

My Mom is the most phenomenal person I know. Although she is not computer literate, she still deserves to be considered for the Rembrandt bracelet of her life. Thus, I will write her story for her. Marie Lenore June (Pfundt) Smith was born in February 7, 1923. That makes her 88 years old. Her birthstone, amethyst (charms #4764), is a precious gem to her. She is definitely a water carrier. With water at the stem of life, she carries all of the qualities that I admire in a person. She is kind and considerate. She is faithful and compassionate. She is a true servant of God as represented by the cross (charms #3634). Her parents were of Lutheran German descent, who came to MI to start a new life, away from the hardships of life in Bavaria. Mom has spent her whole life in MI. She learned to speak English in Bay City in first grade by a faithful first grade teacher, Ms. White, who spent her lunch hours teaching Mom to speak and read English. Because of this one person, Mom learned to value education, especially reading (charms #1363) and then put herself through college when an advanced degree for women wasn't considered important. My Mom became a registered nurse (charms #0543) during World War II. At that time, my Dad was in the Army Air Corp. After the war, he worked for Delta Air Lines for his career of about 45 years. This is represented by the airplane (charms #1230). They met in 1947, fell in love, and married in 1949, represented by the bell (charms #0830). They had 3 children, Suzanne, Robert, and Scott.  “Mom” is the most important person we know (charms #4426). “Granny Smith” (charms #3346) is now the Grandma of three girls, Samantha, Katelyn and Elizabeth. She is a wonderful role model with her zest for life and love (charms #7837). She is a 36 year cancer survivor (charms #3448) of breast cancer. She continues to live, laugh and love. She will fight for life until her last breath. This woman has touched the life of so many. I am so glad to call her my mom, as well as a mentor and friend.




Sue Nykamp
South Lyon, MI

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