Sylvia Clayton of Arlington, TX

Dear Rembrandt Charms,

I am writing to you not for myself, but for my precious daughter-in-law. On September 29th 2009 she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Jolianne. We called her JoJo. She was premature and had a heart condition but by all counts was thriving and doing better than most of her roommates. She was her Daddy's pride and joy. Jeremy and Crystal have 2 sons they adore but they were thrilled to have this precious baby girl we had prayed for. She had had one open-heart surgery and one major procedure but was just about to be sent home to grow a little more and come back for a surgery to fix the holes in her heart. A procedure the doctors said would be very easy compared to what they had already been through. They had been moved to the 3rd floor where parents room in with their babies before they go home. We had her coming home outfit and carrier ready. But, before that was to happen our baby simply went to sleep and did not wake up on Jan 3, 2010. We laid our angel to rest on Jan 6, 2010.

It has been the most devastating thing in our lives. Crystal can have no more children and so they had the baby girl they prayed for but now she is gone. The anniversary of what should be her first birthday is coming up and when I saw this I prayed to the Lord this could be a message for Crystal and Jeremy that our JoJo will always be remembered and that she is in heaven watching after them.

I would tell our love story to this precious mother with your beautiful charms below: choose: Mother and Daughter (charm #3567) engraved with their names and "In My Heart Forever";  I am yours and you are mine (charm #4072) - with initials CLC and JLC because after what they have gone through they are both supported each other through the ultimate tragedy.  Filigree heart (charm #3618) - because of the love for their baby and the heart condition she was born with.  Boy (charm #0943) - Engraved with Andy (JoJo's big brother);  Boy (charm #0943) - Engraved with Ronnie (JoJo’s little big brother) - Because even in their grief, Jeremy and Crystal always had time for their boys and helped them understand what had happened to their baby.

Cross surrounded by hearts (charm #0756) - This tragedy has brought my children closer to the Lord and the hearts represent his love for them and again the heart condition Jolianne was born with.  Faith (charm #8448) - Again to represent their closer walk with God and their Faith that they will see JoJo again. Believe (charm #8443) - It is what we remind ourselves of and live by daily.

Butterfly (charm #1768) - We think of JoJo whenever we see a butterfly. Even though we only were able to see her and touch her but for a short time, she was a thing of beauty to behold for short time but will never be forgotten. She is like the butterfly from the cocoon has gone to a new more beautiful life. September Birthstone (charm #8350) - The symbol of the date we will never forget if we live to be 100!

Thank you so much for listening to our story.

Sylvia Clayton
Arlington, TX

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