Virginia W. Shapiro of El Paso, TX

Picture of winner's bracelet.

I came home for summer break between my freshman and sophomore years of college. Just before I left to go back to school I was having lunch with my mother and our friend. During the lunch two men stopped by our table and spoke to our friend Anne. We were introduced to the father and son who Anne knew from tennis. Four years later I married the tennis enthusiast son…and so begins our tale. (tennis ball 3687) We have been a happily married interfaith couple for 22 years. (interfaith symbol 3149) When we married my nephew who was one and a half years old was the ring bearer. (We pinned the ring to him) He was the most handsome guy at our wedding...Sorry hubby. I love you, but William was just too cute in his onesie tux and Mickey Mouse socks. I am, and was, so crazy about that kid that I started a kind of a game with him...I would say "Who Loves You?" and he would have to say "You!" Then I would say "How Much?" He would then say- what he now says- evey time I whisper "How Much?" "More Than Jupiter" (Disk 4603 engraved with Jupiter) One month after our wedding (yes she was in our wedding and very pregnant) my sister-in-law, Will's mom, gave birth to Johnny. Who I Love "More Than The Sun Shines".  (Sunburst 6486) My brother's family was not quite complete until they had boy number three, Ben, Who I Love "More Than The Galaxy".  (Init-B 0817) Okay it's not a galaxy but it kinda works. While all these nephews were being born. My husband's brother married and started a family. Not even six months after Ben was born, we got a little niece named Melanie. Who will tell you I Love her "More Than All The Flowers In The World". (Bouquet with Beads 4507) Two years later Mel got a sister…our beautiful Becca who I Love "More Than All The Stars In The Sky". (Star 50 Series 3484) And two years after Becca came girl number three, Stephanie. Who I Love "More Than All The Butterflies In The World". After 16 years of marriage and eight years of trying to have children, with the help of modern science and invitro...We had TWINS! One boy and one girl. (Boy and Girl 3570) They are six years old now and will tell you... We Love Them "More Than Anything and Everything, TO INFINITY and BEYOND" (Infinity 3425) As a side note-- Recently the twins wanted to know if they could change their "More than anything and Everything, To Infinity and Beyond" They thought it was babyish. I said no. Why why why? So I took out my cell phone and started texting "How Much?" and through out the morning came the answers that I showed to my kids.."More Than Jupiter" (Will the oldest at age 23) "More Than All The Butterflies In the World" (Steph the youngest at age 13) "More Than The Sun Shines"(John who's getting ready to start law school) "More Than All The Stars In The Sky" (Becca a high school cheerleader that my daughter worships) Mel and Ben our two high school seniors were both out of town so their replies did not come in until late that afternoon "More Than All the Flowers In the World" and "More Than The Galaxy". By then the twins had gotten it (Heart key 8402).

Virginia W. Shapiro
El Paso, TX
Story of Your Life
March, 2013

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