Photoart Care Instructions


Photoart Charms can be cleaned with a jewelry polishing cloth or mild soap and water. Abrasive polishes and harsh chemical cleaning solutions will damage the protective coating covering the photograph.

Exposure to Ultra Violet (UV) Rays

Your Photoart Charm has been treated with an UV inhibitor to reduce the effects of light exposure. As with any photograph, prolonged exposure to UV or bright lighting (such as halogen bulbs) will fade the appearance of the photograph.  
We recommend keeping your Photoart Charm away from prolonged exposure to direct light to reduce these effects.

Water Resistant

Photoart Charms are water-resistant, but not water-proof.  Treat your charm like any other fine piece of jewelry by removing it before showering or swimming.

Soldering Instructions

Soldering is not required as the charms are shipped with an extra heavy duty jump ring that can be securely closed. In order to solder the charm to a bracelet we recommend using a low temperature soft solder. The flame should be directed away from the charm. Direct heat will cause irreparable damage to Photoart Charms. Another method of soldering is to immerse the charm in water leaving the jump ring above the surface. The water insulates the Photoart Charm from the heat of the torch.


Use a light touch when engraving Photoart Charms. We recommend doing a test engraving on several pieces of scotch tape.

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