I have been blessed in so many ways, but my real blessing are my kids. There are so many children that are involved in drugs, drinking and killing in this day and age, but I thank the Lord every day for my kids. My son, firstborn (It’s a Boy #1251), was always doing something to keep him busy. He played drums (Snare Drum # 7790) in our local marching parade or street hockey. Before I knew it, he was graduating (Diploma #0185), entered the military in Iraq, and became a police officer as a CSI (Handcuffs #1646), married and gave me 3 beautiful grandchildren (Grandma #3346).

My daughter came along 14 years later (Baby Bootie November #0473). She was a joy as a child, and also became involved with the color guard (Color Guard #6345) and marched in the parade.  The school had a once-a-year girl’s football game; they were called the Powerpuff team (Football Helmet #8110). She played on that team and won!! She had a hard time in school due to being bullied every day, but she stayed focused and did the best she could, and finally graduated (Female Graduate #0177). She got married and at that time, her husband became abusive and threatened to hurt my new granddaughter. Thank God, she got out of that marriage and worked on raising her baby alone. She finally met a man after almost 10 years. They fell in love, married (The Best is Yet to Be #1623) and he adopted my granddaughter. She started college to work in the operating room. I am so proud of my children. I know that when I die they will all be in good hands. God will keep them safe and happy.

– Kathy E., April Winner


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