Sentimental treasures to remember those special bird watching moments.

With more than 18,000 species, each with their own distinct characteristics, it is no surprise that “birding” (2415) has taken on the allure that it has. One can spend all day looking up and listening for the chirps and peeps that is their music.

Whether it is your own back yard or spending time in your favorite park, where- ever you are, so are the birds!  Bird watching invites us to take a nature break and to pause and appreciate our feathered friends (3798) who live amongst us. Unlike other hobbies or sports, Bird watching is year- round entertainment and costs nothing.  Perhaps it is as simple as watching birds frolicking in your feeders in the winter months or the thrill of Springtime migration and Blue Jays (3849) in your birdhouse. (3653)

A pair of binoculars (0461) and a walk in the woods will certainly give you a bird’s eye view to the vibrancy of a red cardinal, (3541) the spotted plumage of a woodpecker (1389) or the playful antics of a hummingbird. (7900) Watching birds through changing seasons help us to become acquainted with Mother Nature and  all her miraculous transformations.

Throughout history birds have been depicted in fine art paintings, sculptures (7817) and even jewelry.  A favorite topic for artists as they are a never-ending source of colorful inspiration.  Works of art with wings inspired to fly, (3848) as if each feather (6589) has been delicately and meticulously, hand painted.

Bird watching is a gift you give yourself, (3902) a break in a busy day, offering all of us a deep breath of appreciation for a world filled with wonder and delight whenever we take time to look up.

Rembrandt Charms are the classic collectible that captures a memory for a lifetime.

Bird watching

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