Rembrandt Charms 101:

Advantages of Brick and Mortar Stores

As a brick and mortar store, you have advantages over your online competition! Check out the benefits of shopping in-store.

  • Customers have instant gratification when shopping in-store because they have immediate access to charms. No waiting for items to ship.
  • Brick & Mortar stores offer the ‘experience’ and ‘entertainment’ factor that people don’t get with e-commerce. A lot of people go shopping as part of social activity, walk around malls, outlets, etc..
  • Many customers do not trust putting their credit card information online and feel more comfortable with a face to face jeweler they know.
  • Brick & Mortar stores are more apt to get repeat business.
  • Brick & Mortar stores have access to the entire vendor line while e-commerce may only show a smaller online package.
  • Brick & Mortar stores can attach and solder the charms to the consumer’s bracelet on premises, as well as clean and polish.
  • Brick & Mortar stores get the consumer’s story, build relationships, and can get the higher ticketed sales down the road (diamonds, watches, etc).
  • At a Brick & Mortar Store, you can physically try on, touch and feel the value of a product. Pictures online don’t capture the real glitter and shine a piece of jewelry has.
  • Brick & Mortar stores enjoy impulse add-on purchases.
  • You get expert shopping help from an associate to guide you in picking out your item. For e-commerce you’re just on your own.
  • Customer service/product related questions are answered immediately in person. No waiting for an email or live-chat response. Or even worse, calling a touch tone 1-800 number and never getting to an actual person.
  • Brick & Mortar Jewelers offer personalized services and build rapport with the customer. Long term relationships develop.
  • Brick & Mortar Jewelers are able to discuss and explain engraving options with the customer.
  • Brick & Mortar Jewelers are able to maintain a relationship with RQC via a phone call while with the customer in-store, to ask questions, check stock & manufacturing times, etc.. which a customer cannot do online.

“Having a Rembrandt Charms display has made selling charms easy and profitable! Customers love the hands-on experience of being able to see and feel the quality of the charms! This, in turn, leads to impulse sales and generates additional business. They also love the Lifetime Warranty, which speaks volumes about the quality.”

— Ty Cooper, Jeffrey Jewelry


Since we installed the Rembrandt Charm floor display, we have sold so many more charms than we ever could have imagined! Customers can see and feel the quality of the charms, which leads to impulse and repeat sales. During the bead trend, we used Rembrandt’s CharmHolders to up-sell, then we used them to transition our bead customers back into traditional charm bracelets customers. Rembrandt has been our charm supplier since 1979!

— Shari Altman, B & E Jewelers


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