Rembrandt Charms, Remembering Favorite Times and Looking Forward To Brighter Days
April 6, 2020 – Williamsville, NY:

 In the midst of COVID-19, now more than ever, we cherish our memories of better times. As our everyday lives have been altered, a few things remain constant and unchanging, the lives and love we share, and the memories we have made. Rembrandt charms are perfect for remembering those precious times. With social distancing, we miss our times together, but we can connect and reminisce through charms.

Each charm tells a story that is unique to its owner. Travel charms remind us of friends and family that may be far in distance, but close at heart. Take this time to think about past adventures and adventures yet to come.

In spite of the challenges of doing business today, remember that your customers are looking for quality, value and something with meaning behind it. A charm bracelet is a sentimental journey that recalls special occasions and captures moments in time unlike any other jewelry. Today’s charms are tomorrow’s heirlooms.

“These are trying times for all of us,” states Eric Lux, Vice President, Rembrandt Charms. “Everyone is looking to find a sense of normalcy in the chaos. Many consumers have reached out to tell us that their charm bracelets have provided both comfort and hope in these uncertain times.”

Encourage your customers to select sentimentalcharmsfor the special people in their lives, perhaps a medical charm for that brave health care professional working through COVID-19, a “Mama Bear” charm for the beloved mother.  Charms are sentimental, timeless collectibles that serve as the perfect giftof appreciation or love.  Rembrandt Charms stands the test of time.  Don’t miss out on sales!  Sterling silver is affordable and sells well during challenging economic times. As the financial climate improves, silver charm displays lead to karat gold special orders, and charm bracelet collectors will visit regularly to add charms and shop other fine jewelry.

Rembrandt charms are the affordable classic collectibles that never go out of style. Each charm tells a story, making it the ideal gift that always has special meaning for the person both buying it and receiving it.

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