Cece Barfield Thompson, the New York City–based interior designer who honed her skills under Bunny Williams, is a thoughtful collector when it comes to jewelry.

“My charm bracelet is my most comforting and nostalgic accessory,” she says. “It includes inherited charms and pieces that I’ve collected over the course of my life: talismans from trips, holidays, and special occasions. Most dear to my heart are the family heirlooms it holds. There are charms from my mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. I feel their presence and wisdom when I wear it.”

Thompson’s bracelet conjures many happy memories for her. For example, the phone charm she was gifted from her aunt Amanda and godmother represents all the phone calls Thompson made when she was only 5 years old.

Commemorating the small moments of joy in life is something Thompson hopes to pass on to her two daughters: “They are only toddlers, but I’ve started a charm bracelet for each of them,” she says. “Both of their first charms are animal pendants designed by my friend and neighbor Aurelia Demark. I hope the charms will one day remind my girls of playdates with Aurelia’s daughters while their mom laughed in the background.”

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