Earlier this year I did an ancestry DNA test to find out my family heritage. Well, I found a sister I never knew I had. Louise contacted me through the ancestry website when she saw we were a match. She is 8 years older than me. She never knew her biological father. The one man she was told was her father did not match when they did a DNA test. She says that her mom told her then she was a product of a “one night stand”.

We spoke online for many months before I took an 1,800-mile road trip to meet her and her husband this past October. Once we met we knew we are definitely sisters. We have so many of the same mannerisms and look a lot alike. My father passed away many years ago, though I know if he knew about her he would have taken responsibility for her. She was born in 1947 in the same city my Pop grew up. It was right after WW2. He was 21 years old and just spent 4 years fighting in the Pacific for our country. I am sure he was “sowing some wild oats“ at the time. Her Mom was an older woman who worked at a diner in the same town.

So here I am 64 years old and found out I have a sister who is 72 years old. She is wonderful. I spent 3 days with her and her husband. He said there was not a single moment we were not talking, laughing and enjoying each other’s company. We are in contact every day through the internet, texting and social media. She is such a joy to me. We both say it is a “gift” that we found each other. Even our husbands agree it is a “gift” because they both know how much this means to us.

The charms that would match our story Is #4764-04 April filigree Stone, 4764-10 October filigree Stone, 8261 Gift box. April is her birth month, October is my birth month and the gift box because we always say what a gift it is to have found each other.

– Mary, Delta, CO





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