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Rembrandt Charms: Expanding Operations in the United States to Support Sales Growth of the Traditional Charm Bracelet Business

December 5, 2017 – Williamsville, NY:

Rembrandt Charms is expanding its Williamsville, New York operations to include a new state of the art, eco-friendly electroplating facility.  Rembrandt Charms was awarded an Empire State Development Grant by New York State for this project.  The expansion is an integral part of the Company’s long-term vision that will create numerous jobs.  Rembrandt Charms products are manufactured in the United States and Canada.  “Retail jewelers and their customers expect exceptional quality and customer service.  We pride ourselves in our hand-craftsmanship and quality.  This expansion will make us even stronger.  As we continue to invest in supporting our retailers, we ask that retailers continue to select Rembrandt Charms before turning to alternative companies that do not specialize in the charm business,” states Michael Metzger, Chief Operating Officer, Rembrandt Charms.

“With every charm they sell, retail jewelers learn more about their customers’ interests and lives. Relationships develop that lead to repeat business. By offering Rembrandt’s complete charm collection in Sterling Silver and Karat Gold, our retail jewelers can offer the perfect charms and price-points to each customer,” states Kimberly Burzynski, Marketing Manager, Rembrandt Charms.  “We do not sell direct to consumers, but, we are increasing our consumer advertising to send customers to our Preferred Retail Jewelers, listed on our Retail Locator.”

“The beauty of a charm bracelet is that it is a timeless collectible that can be passed down for generations.  Each charm bracelet tells a unique and personal story that can be sentimental or amusing.  Charms are credited as the earliest jewelry, dating back to 560 B.C.  The staying power of the charm business, combined with the success of our Business Building Charm Program and customer service, is why Rembrandt Charms stands the test of time,” states Eric Lux, Vice President, Rembrandt Charms.

Rembrandt’s Business Building Charm Program enables retail jewelers to save valuable time, increase sale, and easily develop new and repeat business.  Program partners receive a dedicated account executive, inclusion in the Charm Ambassador Program, stock balancing, no minimum orders, digital and print marketing support, charm displays with inventory control labels for easy re-ordering, and much more.  Rembrandt’s charm customers return to their retailer throughout the year to add to their charm bracelets, and to shop for family and friends.

“It’s not just about selling charms…  It’s about easily cultivating relationships that will last for years.  The repeat business is assured.  Just like watches and diamonds, you must show charms to sell charms!  Our charm displays are designed to maximize limited real estate and free-up valuable showcase space.  During the busiest hours, the display will act as a silent salesman.  The vertical presentation of our displays, with the best-selling charms by region, lead to impulse Sterling Silver purchases, Karat Gold special-order sales, and repeat customers!  Regardless of the store profile, we have the perfect Charm Program to support your store.  Custom charm displays and charm departments are available as well.” States Eric Lux, Vice President, Rembrandt Charms.



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