My name is Victoria. This is how I would represent my story as a charm bracelet:
Rose with Stone (Style 6489)
The first charm I would choose would have to be a rose. My middle name may be rose, but a rose means more to me than just a name. It represents all the times my Grandmother who I refer to as my Nina called me Princess Rose Bud. All the times I played in her beautiful picket fenced garden pretending to be the Princess of the Roses. Now I am an adult of 25 years. I may be a fully bloomed rose, but the rose is now an even greater symbol to me as ever. The last relationship I was in was mentally as well as physically abusive. It impacted my self-worth greatly, but the quote “But he that dares not grasp the thorn Should never crave the rose” by Anne Bronte, never fails to remind me of my self-worth. If a man can’t accept and love me the way I am, then he does not deserve me.

Pomeranian Dog (Style 1758)
My second charm would be a Pomeranian to represent my little Vixey. Vixey is more than a dog to me. I took her in at a time in my life I felt the most isolated. This was when I was still in the relationship I mentioned previously. My ex fiancé was so manipulative that he turned my friends away from me by ruining my reputation with them, I thank god that now that I have regained friendship with a few of those I had lost because of him after they saw who he truly was. He isolated me from my family by accusing me of cheating if I spent time with them. I felt like I had no one, but once I had Vixey I gained a friend and companion who was always on my side, who loved me no matter what and there was nothing he could do to take that away from me. I still have my baby Vixey to this day, in fact, she is sleeping next to me as I type this. Now we are both much happier with him out of our lives.

Wedding Rings (Style 0293)
My third charm would be wedding rings to represent my marriage to my amazing husband Anthony. He and I became friends when we were working at a nursing home together. He was a cook and I was a housekeeper. Anthony was the one who convinced me to leave my abusive relationship with my ex. While many had told me they were concerned about my relationship with my ex, Anthony was the one who was able to explain to me in great detail that any of my ex’s excuses for his behavior didn’t justify his treatment towards me. Shortly after I left my relationship with my ex we began dating September 13th of 2014. We spent almost every waking moment together including working two jobs with the same shifts together. During this time, he showed me how a real relationship is supposed to be as well as my true worth. He dared to grasp the thorn, so he could have the rose. Only exactly 5 months later we got married February 13th of 2015. We have been happily married for 4 years now. Even though it seems like our relationship was rushed to some, it has been the best decision of my life.

Lipstick (Style 2322)
My fourth charm would be a tube of red lipstick. I wear red lipstick almost every day and call it my war paint. When I was still with my ex I was working at a Steak n’ Shake, and to earn more tips I began wearing red lipstick. I was at a point in my life where I had little self-confidence, especially about my physical appearance. Once I picked up that tube of Maybelline Fire Engine Red lipstick and put it on to my surprise I instantly felt prettier. Even though my ex hated me wearing makeup in public if I was going out to places he wouldn’t be (including work). I still would wear it every day. I didn’t care if it started fights between him and I, I didn’t stand up for many of my rights with him, but I did stand up for my right to wear my favorite lipstick. Now I may wear different shades of red lipstick, Beasame Cosmetics Victory Red being my new favorite, Fire Engine Red is still close to my heart.

Mirror (Style 2219)
My fifth charm would be a hand mirror. I collect vintage hand mirrors. When I was younger my Nina gave her her silver plated hand mirror that my Grandfather had gotten identical sets for her, my mom and my two aunts. I love that mirror to this day. But a hand mirror is more to me than just something to collect. As I have mentioned before I have had and still have low self-confidence, I have mentioned before it’s because of the abusive relationship I was in, but that is not the only reason. I have a disorder called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). The PCOS causes me to have extra weight gain, acne as well as the occasional unwanted hair. I also had a dog attack happen to me at the age of four that has left me with a scar under my eye that causes one eye to look slightly different from the other and an uneven hairline. Many times, in my life I have felt that I wasn’t enough to have and use the pretty hand mirrors. A few years ago, I decided to change myself to feel prettier. I began wearing vintage style clothing, which looks better on my any figure as well as my curvy figure. I also started wearing less makeup by not trying to cover up my acne and scar anymore, just ignoring it unless it is a special occasion. Now I can proudly say I am learning to accept the skin I am in, so I feel enough to sit at my dressing table with my beautiful hand mirror collection. I may not be fully comfortable with myself, but I have learned to love myself more.

Spread Your Wings (Style 1671)
My sixth charm would be angel wings. This would be to represent a fortune cookie I got shortly after my husband and I got together. As I have mentioned before, I was in an abusive relationship prior to my husband and I started dating. When we were out on a date I received a fortune cookie that reaffirmed to us that fate is real, it said “You are an Angel. Beware of those who collect feathers.” We both feel like I was meant to get that fortune cookie as a reminder to not go back to my ex like I had so many times in the past.

Filigree November Stone (Style 4764-011)
My seventh charm would be my birthstone. I share the same exact birthday as my Nina, November 26th, which is why I feel her and I have so much in common. I was born on Thanksgiving and my Nina was so excited and nervous that she accidentally cooked the thanksgiving turkey that year with the plastic still on it. Her and I are both shy and reserved and have a love for traveling.

Scissors (Style 0583)
My eighth charm would be scissors to remind myself that that it is okay to cut toxic people from your life, no matter how much you love them. Leaving my ex fiancé was one of the hardest things I had ever done. I had Stockholm syndrome. He used many tactics against me like gas lighting to make me believe that things didn’t happen the way I remembered them. He emotionally cut me down till I was numb, isolated me from friends and family and physically abused me. Cutting him from my life is the best decision I ever made.

Hand Fan (Style 0465)
My ninth charm would be the hand fan. I have always had a love of history, from collecting vintage items to wearing vintage styles and replicating vintage beauty.
One thing that has always fascinated me is the language of the fans. In the 18th century women had a “secret” language that they communicated by simply moving a fan a certain way. You could say a wide array of things like “I love you” to “I wish to be rid of you”. It is a lost art I would love to master.

Wishing Well (Style 2981)
My tenth charm would be a wishing well to always remind to to keep on wishing for better things. I have been through a lot in my life, but what has always kept me going was wishing for better things and waiting for my wishes to come true. Many of those wishes have come true.

-Victoria W., February 2019 Winner

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