Rembrandt Charms 101:

Floor Display Benefits


  • Rembrandt’s floor displays generate $5,000 – $7,500 in sales per square foot!
  • Complete selection of inventory-controlled displays available in multiple, sizes, colors and finishes. Re-order only what you sell!
  • Our displays contain the best-selling charms by region, leading to impulse Sterling Silver sales and Karat Gold special orders.
  • The more charms you show, the more you will sell!
  • A floor display acts like a silent salesperson. Customers can look at charms and spin the display while they wait (for a cleaning, a diamond inspection, a watch battery, or another repair or service).
  • Floor displays are sleek and slender, and take up very little floor space.
  • Tour store can be listed on our Website’s Retail Locator. Are you listed?
  • Rembrandt’s vertical display stands out – customers are drawn to it.  A counter or in-case display can sometimes be missed.
  • The large charm selection of a floor display increases the amount of time customers will spend in your store, allowing you the chance to learn their precious memories.
  • By offering a collection of charms featuring the top charm categories, customers enjoy immediate gratification and don’t have to wait for special orders.
  • Combine re-orders with special orders to save on shipping costs.
  • Counter displays offer a much smaller sampling of charms. A floor display provides an appealing charm department, not just a few samples. Don’t lose your customers to an online jeweler or competitor by limiting your selection.
  • Floor displays show both bracelets and charms so customers can buy a bracelet and customize it on the spot.
  • Charm collectors are loyal, repeat customers!
  • You must show charms to sell charms! Customers return to buy charms for other occasions, along with other items from your store.

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“Rembrandt Charms is a big seller for us! Recently, we added our FOURTH 330-piece floor display! Our charm towers create an impressive collectible charm department and literally draw customers into the store! The towers are always spinning with customers buying charms as gifts or for their personal collection. Rembrandt’s categorized selection allows customers to easily find the perfect charms for every occasion or memory. Our charm sales continue to grow year over year with all the repeat business and new customers. Thank you, Rembrandt, for offering a great product, great service and a great program!”

— Donald Galvan, Frank’s and Sons Jewelry


“After meeting with Rembrandt Charms at a tradeshow show in 2017, we decided to invest in their Business Building Charm Program. We purchased a floor display, and within six months of owning the display our sales took off! The display makes it easy for our customers to shop and the huge selection ensures that we always have the perfect charm for every customer. The sales generated from the display and the additional business it has brought into the store, far outweigh the initial investment. Thank you Rembrandt Charms for having one of the best programs in the industry!”

— Melissa Nabong, Summerlin Jewelers


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