Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  How do I find a jeweler in my area so I can view and order Rembrandt Charms merchandise?

A:  On the top and bottom of each Rembrandt Charms website page is an area titled “Find A Retailer.”  Simply type in your zip code to view all jewelers in your area that sell Rembrandt Charms.

Q:  How can I order a Rembrandt charm or bracelet?

A:  Refer to the Retailer locator to find a valued Retail Jeweler of Rembrandt Charms who can support all your charm and jewelry needs or order online with one of e-commerce retailers.

Q:  Can I buy direct from Rembrandt Charms?

A:  Rembrandt supports its retail jewelers 100% and has chosen not to sell direct to consumers.  Please use “Find A Retailer” to find a jeweler in your area or online with on of your e-commerce retailers.

Q:  How can I find a phone # for a jeweler that sells Rembrandt Charms?

A:  By using the “Find A Retailer” function on the top and bottom of every Rembrandt web page, you can view all our valued jewelers and their contact information.

Q:  Can charms be ordered without loops or jump rings?

A:  Yes they can. Your jeweler can assist with this request.

Q:  Are prices online retail?

A:  The prices online are all suggested retail prices and are subject to change.

Q:  Why are there 5 prices listed for each charm?

A:  Each charm comes in 5 different metals (see below).  Each type of metal has a different price, except for 14K White and 14K Yellow Gold which has the same pricing.

  • Sterling Silver
  • Gold Plated
  • 10K Yellow Gold – may be rhoduim plated at no additional cost. They are non-returnable.
  • 14K Yellow Gold
  • 14k White Gold

Q:  What are the specifications of the individual charms (size, weight, etc.)?

A:  By clicking on any charm, you will see the size dimensions.  Rembrandt’s charms are handmade and we do not sell by weight of the product. Therefore, you will not see weight displayed.

Q:   If I need to ship product overseas, how can I do this?

A:  Your local jeweler will need to respond to this question as they may, or may not, have overseas shipping available.

Q:  What is gold plated?  What is Rhodium plated?

A:  Rembrandt’s Gold Plating (or Vermeil) is the process of layering 22K Gold over Sterling Silver.  Rhodium is a precious metal in the Platinum family, which is used over our Sterling Silver to prevent corrosion or tarnishing.

Q:   Why are there fluctuations in precious metal pricing?

A:  Precious metals are subject to market fluctuations and therefore can change daily.  Although we try to standardize prices, the market may make it difficult to do so and therefore the published suggested retail prices are subject to change without notice.

Q:  Can I get a catalog sent to me?

A:  Rembrandt reserves its catalogs for our retail jewelers.  All charms are displayed online, and by locating a valued Rembrandt partner, you can stop in to their location to view our charms on display and browse an updated catalog.

Q:  What is the warranty on your product line?

A:  All Rembrandt products have a Lifetime Warranty and we unconditionally guarantee each piece.  The warranty includes free repair or replacement. Please contact the jeweler you purchased the product from for assistance.

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