How to Attach Charms to Your Charm Bracelet.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!
Items you will need:
• 1 Set of small needle nose pliers or chain nose pliers
• Charm with a jump ring
• Charm bracelet
Step 1


Use the pliers to grip closely to each side of the split in the ring. Open the ring by gently twisting each side away from the other. Avoid pulling the ends straight apart as this will make it more difficult to close the ring later. Gently twisting is how it’s done.

Step 2


Grasp the open jump ring with one of the pliers and slip it through the bracelet link or around the bangle wire. Using both pairs of pliers, carefully twist the two ends back together until the jump ring is closed. Avoid repeatedly twisting the ends as this may weaken or break the ring.

Step 3


Enjoy your NEW Rembrandt Charms bracelet! While it’s not necessary to solder silver jump rings closed, we recommend soldering gold jump rings closed. This prevents it from ever pulling apart. Check with your local jeweler for more information.

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