I was born in New York and I love lighthouses they symbolize strength. When the ocean gets rough and tousling, the lighthouse stands strong, shining its bright light. It never moves and remains a steady pillar. So, Style #6572 of the “Montauk, NY Lighthouse” represents my birthplace and love of lighthouses. My mother was the strongest most awesome woman I know. Throughout my life, I have seen so many times where mothers and/or fathers ignore their kids. Single-handedly, my mother put us four kids first, worked hard to keep us all together, stood strong to protect us and teach us morals, values and hard work. She never let darkness prevent us from enjoying life and at one point, she blessed us by meeting an awesome man who was kind-hearted, selfless and loved us enough to marry her, make us his own and call him “dad”. In 1993, I had a beautiful little boy who turned out to be autistic. He was such an awesome boy with a smile and laugh that could melt your heart and brighten your day. Mom would watch him so I could work and attend college to make a better life for my son and myself. My son opened up my eyes with all that he had to overcome and deal with every day and looked forward to coming home and spending time with my little Angel. I always sang “You are my sunshine” to him because he was my sunshine. He smiled so big every time. I was consistently on a natural high. He taught me ALOT and opened me up to see so many possibilities and understanding of what happens around us. One day, I looked in the mirror and I liked the person I saw looking back. My son was around 3 years old and I knew that it was because of him and my parents that I became the best person that I saw that day. No matter what came my way, I got through it because of that realization and it would not have happened without my little angel son. My heart was so happy and full. At one point, I gained custody of 2 children that were not mine to get them out of a bad situation. Sadly, the unexpected happened. My son had very little language skills. He was unable to tell me when anything was wrong. He died in his sleep when he was 16 years old. My only child, my heart and soul was gone. I was so ultimately blessed by his presence in my life and got to see it through people who came to say goodbye. How much he made an impact was remarkable. This handsome awesome boy that all he did was smile, laugh, kiss me on the top of my head when I hugged him and so much more…. made that impression on me and so many. My mother apologized sometime after that because she felt that she had not been there for me. I told her that she loved him too and I knew she grieved for him as much as I did. Little did we know that mom’s health was going to decline and within 3-1/2 years after my son’s passing, she would go to be with him. That is why Style #3567 “Mother Daughter Hearts” and Style #1626 “You are my Sunshine” are great symbols for my mom and son.

I have always been a person to help where ever I could. I believe in volunteering or doing something good every day. It has become second nature to me and I prefer living that way to misery. I know that I also could not have gone through life without my faith. If it had not been so strong, I could not have gotten through that dark period of my life. When I was younger, I made excuses for not feeling the spirit. I look back on my life and see how tremendous letting Heavenly Father’s spirit and light into my soul has helped me to stay above the darkness and see how awesome life can be. The only thing that brings me down is not sharing it with my son and mom. I do feel cheated but I have a strong belief that there is a reason and/or that was the only time we were supposed to have them….and it helps me to keep going. That is why Style #0216 “Small Praying Hands” and Style #0541 “Faith, Hope, Charity” is so very important. It has been the basis of all that has happened in my life and how I like to live my life.

Then there is the Love of my Life. I met him in my junior year at high school. He asked me to Junior Prom and we dated for a few months. Believe it or not, he ended up being my first love. When he stopped seeing me, I could not understand “Why?” It wasn’t because I thought I was the IT girl. I always considered myself average. Did not care to be popular. We remained friends and crossed paths many times throughout life. Hearing that, most people would think that there was a reason we kept crossing paths. Not what you think. I believe Heavenly Father kept trying to get us together. Just unusual how things kept happening when our paths kept crossing. It was not until years later that I found out why he stopped seeing me in High School. He said I was a nice girl and he was not ready for that. When other guys would do whatever they could to get what they want then run, he had morals and values to let me go. In 2013, we reconnected and we have been together ever since. I did watch him like a hawk and am so please to say, he has turned out even better than before. He is absolutely a rare soul and believe me, it is not because I love him. I believe that there are different kinds of love. You hear people talk about “Soulmates”. We definitely are. I believe that there are those that fall madly in love and live extremely happy their whole lives. Is that kind of love less than being a Soulmate? Not at all. There are those that find that one person where there is a connection just like love birds. With my boyfriend, he sensed something was wrong with me WITHOUT hearing from me. I had looked at my son’s picture and my heart HIT the floor. My boyfriend called LITERALLY within 1 minute. The first thing he said was, “What’s wrong?” He said he sensed something was wrong. There was NO WAY for him to know and that quickly. We have crossed paths with many people who have made comments just by watching us interact. An older couple at a restaurant said, “there are not many people you meet that you look at and instantly see they fit” and a young woman on a train coming from the Texas State fair said, “you both make an awesome couple” are just a few. Life is too short. Nice to enjoy each day with someone that completes everything. That is why Style #8410-006 “Key to My Heart June Stone” fits perfectly with his birthstone.

Then to pull it all together, we both are Italian-Irish-Scottish and religious. That is why Style #2422 “Celtic Trinity Knot”, Style #7918 “Italy Map” and Style #1793 “Scottish Bagpipe” ties in our nationalities. We also have numerous family and friends in the military. My dad was in the Air Force. His father was Navy (sadly passed away last year). My maternal grandmother was a WAC. My paternal grandfather was in the Army. His youngest son is in the Marines. Because of them and others in the military, we have and are allowed this life. Style 3861 “Waving American Flag” represents our respect and love for them and our country. When others forget, we keep it going.

– Robin M., January Winner



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