Joanne and Her Family

Once upon a time in Buffalo, NY (Buffalo 3282), the optician Joseph (Eye Chart #8279), a long-time bachelor, found his heart captivated (Key that Fits Heart #6431), by the lovely schoolteacher Barbara (School House #0195). Joined in marriage (I Am Yours #4072), they added three beautiful daughters (Daughter Disc #4161) to the world (World Globe #8281): Catherine, Andrea, and Lisa. The girls were close in age and always the very best of friends (Three Best Friends #7741). For more than two decades, the sisters shared many happy experiences together (The Best is Yet to be Hourglass #8345), with no indication their shared ‘good luck’ would ever end (Symbols of Luck #0452).

As years went by (‘Hourglass; #3647), the family was distraught over loss of Joseph’s siblings to cancer, including his fraternal twin Joanne (Twins Stork #7758). Not long afterward, they were devastated when daughter Andrea was diagnosed with multiple cancers at the young age of 28 (Cancer Awareness Ribbon #3801). Although doctors and family did all they could to help Andrea fight the disease (Boxing Gloves Accent #4038), it was a battle that could not be won (St. Michael Oval Disc #3388). On September 15, 2012, Andrea left to become an angel (Praying Angel #1766). To honor and share continued love of Andrea’s life (I’ll Never Stop Loving You #2749), the family became involved in Roswell’s annual biking event (Cyclist #2312) to help raise funds for continued cancer research (Microscope #8207).

Catherine and Lisa deeply missed their middle sister (Special Sister #2959) but continued to move forward in a positive manner (Happy Face #2354). Both sisters found loving companionship with adorable furry canines (Golden Retriever #1097) and fantastic fiancés (Heart engagement Ring Box #3887). In March of 2017, Lisa married her soul mate Tom (Bride and Groom #3055) in a church wedding (Opening Church #1175), followed by a romantic honeymoon in St Lucia (St. Lucia Sand Capsule #3189). The following year (A Date to Remember #4555), Catherine married John (Wedding Cake #8165), her beloved kindred spirit in an August 2018 church wedding (Church #0242), followed by a wonderful Hawaiian honeymoon (Hawaii Palm Tree #4701).

Since that time, the couples have shared many happy moments (You Are My Sunshine Tag #1626) highlighted by joined love (Locked with Love #1658) of their growing family. In 2018, Lisa and Tom bestowed their miniature bulldog (Bulldog Accent Charm, #1559) with a new human sister (It’s a Girl Stork #1252). Their baby Joanne was born (Birth Certificate #4763) under the sign of Sagittarius (Sagittarius Symbol of the Sky #6771) with a full head of long dark hair (Hair Brush #2635). Everyone who laid eyes (Folded Eyeglasses #4013) on the child described her as joyful, beautiful, and cute as a button (Cute as a Button Style 0200). Lisa, Tom, and their families were filled with joy and love for this new child (Love You More #1558).

Family members continue to miss (Break Apart Heart #8357) loved ones who have passed on (Angel Wings #2750). Philosophical thoughts help to ease the pain in their hearts, thoughts such as ….

– Despite what we do (Dieting #6440), healthy long lives are not guaranteed due to influences of genetic and environmental factors that transform well-being into a time-related roulette game (Roulette Wheel #1709).
– Peaceful joy (Hand Sign of Peace #2147) is taken for granted until after one has experienced the sadness of deep loss (Comedy & Tragedy Masks, #2123).
– Every human walks a tightrope that stretches through decades of time (Cuckoo Clock #8176), sometimes temporarily falling off into one side or the other, before again finding stability in the middle (Yin Yang #6430), where happiness is found (Sunshine #6486).
– Humans move through life in a sleepy sort of learned routine (Three Monkeys #8205), only fully waking to reality (Alarm Clock #8190) when new occurrences shock, alarm, or traumatize individuals into clearer vision.
– Life is a continual balancing act (Gymnast on Balance Beam #3959) between vast areas that forever remain out of our control.
– Good luck (Wishbone with Pearl #0677) is closely bordered by bad luck (Evil Eye #1593), both of which occur without prior knowledge or foresight.

Above all, this family (Old Woman in Shoe #0935) realizes that the most important aspects of life lie in their love for one another (Signed with Love Accent #5592). Each family member holds an emotional key that unlocks the hearts of their loved ones (I Love You Skeleton Key Ring #2248). In midst of this is lucky little Joanne (Lucky Ladybug #7829), born into the love (Love Letter #8347) and wisdom (Wise Owl #1673) of this family. Through suffering and great loss, they have gained existential insight and knowledge (Open Book #3160). Throughout history, questions concerning ‘the meaning of life’ have plagued human consciousness (Buddha Accent #0651), holding many individuals back from fulfillment. But as little Joanne grows, she will not need to ponder those questions, because her family will lovingly teach her to appreciate each day fully (Live Love Laugh #7837).

-Lisa P., Kenmore, NY


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