Being born into a military family, my Dad (2373-DAD), being an Air Force pilot (6496-PILOT’S WINGS), made many trips overseas (0632-AIRPLANE). During these trips, he often brought home gifts (8261-GIFT BOX) for me, my siblings, and my mother from various countries he traveled to. We eagerly awaited his return from each of these trips to greet him with a big kiss but to also see the presents he always had for us. My Mom (6182-MOM) always had a feast waiting for him too since she baked and cooked up a storm in eager anticipation of his arrival back home. One gift that I loved so very much from my childhood that he gave me from his travels was a charm bracelet. Though it was just simple children’s jewelry, and not of real monetary value, it has proved to be a very sentimental gift. This gift planted the seed in me of how a charm bracelet can create a beautiful memoir of one’s life. As a grown woman now, my heart (3618-FILIGREE HEART) often fills with emotion when I look at that first charm bracelet I owned as a child. I have it tucked away in my jewelry box and often look at it as a reminder of my Dad’s sacrifice in his absence from his family, but more importantly, his devotion to his family and to our great country. He often reminisced about his travels and his military career. These are memories that I will always hold dear but it’s the love shared between both of my parents, my entire family and now my husband, that have filled my heart with joy and love for a lifetime! In addition to the many presents we received, because he was gone sometimes for months on end, I still have some letters that we exchanged between each other.

Since I was a small child, the letters I received from him were short but he always made sure to say I love you (0685-I LOVE YOU). Unfortunately, I recently lost my father but I was so very blessed since love always abounded in my home growing up and it’s apparent in the close knit family we have to this day. These are the true testaments of one’s life, the riches of a family’s love and the memories they share. Yes, the years have passed by, oh so quickly, but with each passing year and new memories made with an entry for my memoirs, a new charm will always be added to my charm bracelet that tells the story of my life. To think it all started with a simple child’s charm bracelet given to me as a child from my father, has evolved into a collection of such beautiful Rembrandt charms and bracelets! God willing (0959-PRAYING HANDS), my life is certainly not over yet and I’m looking forward to adding many more charms to my collection! Our life on this earth is so very precious and we must count our days (3647-HOURGLASS) and be blessed with each one we have and cherish every moment with our loved ones. Thank you Rembrandt Charms for giving us the opportunity to express how one’s life is depicted with your charms on your bracelets we wear and for also giving us this opportunity to express our words of reflection on our life in these short stories we write. The world is a better place for you inspiring us to write our stories of our lives and the opportunity to depict it with your charm bracelets. One day, someone will have a written story explaining each and every charm of mine, as I will tuck these stories away in my hope chest (0863-HOPE CHEST). As a child, this was called “show and tell” when you brought something from home and told your classmates about it. When my days are gone, and I journey to God’s heaven above, someone else can then “show and tell” my life, for both your charms, and this story, will forever be my testament one day of a life worth living.

– Patricia C., June Winner


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