The charms I would love to possess and the why:

Large Classic Twisted Rope Charm (#4624)
August Moon is the name my mother and I agree should have been my chosen name. I have a free spirit, that is enthralled with all things enchanted. If life itself isn’t going great, I make my own “happy”. Born in August under a waxing moon …and I choose to believe shooting stars, moonbeams glowing. All of which has infused my character with sparkling wonders and rose tinted glasses.

Tree of Life Charm (#0808)
My dad is a man of the old school. Born with roots in the Appalachian Mountains, in a coal mining camp. He learned from age 5 how to survive poverty and help his mother and siblings survive. His father at that time was killed in a coal mine, his mother left widowed with four mouths to feed and clothe. He has always been a provider. For my mother and I, for my three girls and many people in between. He is a fixer, a preacher and a unique man by all accounts. His sacrifices are medal worthy and he has given my family strong roots to live by.

Swan Charm (#1578)
My Mother’s voice will always be in my soul. From the time I could toddle around the yard, she taught me about God’s creations. Not to just appreciate but to enjoy the sounds of the birds, the croaking frogs at night, the sounds crunchy fall leaves make, the sunshine of a dandelion. The sap on our peach tree, counting dots on a ladybug, rings on a tree stump. She taught me gentility with hurting souls and for people in great need. Her wisdom is profound, as is her historical patriotic knowledge. She taught me to appreciate classical music, timeless movies and creativity. Biblical truths pour out of her like the purest mountain spring. She is the definition of sacrifice, the heart of our little family. She is grace and beauty.

Happy Birthday Cake Charm (#8164)
I am known for being unapologetically thrilled about each birthday that rolls around. My age doesn’t have any importance on that day. When there is scrumptious birthday cake, ice cream, decorations, beautifully wrapped presents, balloons and sprigs of flowers…age can wait… till the next day. I love love love my birthday!

December Love Birthday Charm (#3342), Birth Certificate Charm (#4763), Classic Rope Heart Calendar (# 8378)
The beginning of motherhood started early for me. Marrying into the Air Force my home of 19 years became 1,575 miles away. My little girl number one was born on December 4th, 1987. She had fluid on her lungs and I was told she might not make it. With prayers and her fighting spirit, she not only made it but thrived and blossomed.
My second daughter also born in December….the 19th 1991. I believe she intentionally took her time to enter this big world. When she did with glossy chocolate ringlets my heart melted. She is as passionate as she is tender. Appearing to have a purpose with every fluid feminine movement.
My third baby came in at almost ten pounds! I could not believe how blessed I was to have a baby ten years after my last one. I chose carefully her name…Bliss. She came in this world like a hurricane and when she enters a room the aura she carries is intense and deep. Her laughter a strong infectious one. Her spirit is either abundant with joy or an ominous tornado. We have a weathervane to check the forecast.

Wedding Bells Charm (#8183)
My heart beats to the the ticking of My German Knights heartbeat. Ours was a very long road, with many hills and valleys. The saying goes “No pain. No gain”. We have gained above and beyond, a love that binds, a love that gives and takes almost rhythmically. We have embraced each other in an unconditional love that is whole and complete. Our foundation is in Christ. We will live to be together in eternity.

Bible Accent Charm (#1228)
My faith is everything I center my present life and my eternal life on. Praying and reading my Bible is what carries my sometimes heavy or hurting heart through, in the day to day realities. My Bible instructs me, comforts me and strengthens me. True love, humility, salvation, generosity are all found in this book of books.

It’s A Boy (#1251)
The most exciting news that heralded our world! It’s a boy! The first boy in our family. He came in at a hearty ten pounds, bewitching all of us. Every breath he took made us feel like we were beyond privileged to have this little creature in our lives. He has made me a Gigi, the most honorable position. He came down from the Father of Lights and stole our hearts. Our very own tiny prince.

My Story in Charms
Sincerely, Anne Marie W.

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