I would love to have a charm bracelet to represent my family members, myself, and our precious memories together.
• My papa has always been the corner stone of my family. He has sacrificed every day to help each individual through their hard times, bracing us against stormy winds and shoring up broken defenses. He works harder than anyone I’ve ever known. And through the years he has shared so much wisdom with us all. Each in turn have gone to him for advice and a hug, maybe a “bonk” on the head. He gives us guidance and I would love for him to be represented by the (compass with needle 8327) charm.
• My Nana always taught us to tread lightly in this world. She showed us with her actions how to be kind and how to “look at the source” if another had hurt or upset us. She showed us how to view things from a different perspective, how to find the good when all seems lost, and to see beauty in everything. We sit in her backyard and take in nature’s little wonders often, decompressing from the weight of the world. Every time a “V” of geese passes overhead she says, “look girls” and we all go still and watch a tiny window of these graceful creature’s journey. I would like my Nana to be represented by the (Canadian goose 2384) charm.
•My mother is our soft-landing place. She fills every room with the soft glow of her company. She is endlessly creative; every surface of her home is covered in a gossamer film of glitter. She goes by the name August Moon and I would love to represent her with the (half moon with pearl 1505) charm.
•My father is a man of French roasted coffee, well-made jackets, and quality timepieces. With a single drumstick in his car, he taught his daughters the rhythm of his favorite songs, crashing the symbols (rear view mirror) with enthusiasm! At every parting, we’d know to look for his outstretched hand signing “I love you” to us (just in case we doubted it for even a moment). I would like him to be represented by the (I love you hand sign 7794) charm.
•My force of a little sister, Bliss. She comes bounding in and goes blustering out and by the time it’s over you feel like you’ve witnessed a whirling dervish. The only time I’ve ever seen her waves of energy still, is when she’s gliding around a roller rink. She’s the picture of tranquility as she loops around, swaying to music of times past. I’d like to remember this sweet image of her with the (roller skates accent 3997) charm.
•My elder sister is a firecracker. She cares deeply, loves fiercely, and heaven help you if you hurt one of her own. She likes to fill her world with color, from the icing on her cakes to the flowers in her garden – life is a rainbow with Brittainy. I love to hear her sing – a rousing show tune as she eradicates a stubborn weed, a whispered hymn as she lulls her little one to sleep. I’d like to represent her with the (sunflower 3303) charm like one of the sunflowers in her kaleidoscope garden.
•Benny Bean, Turtle Neck, Sweet Boy – many are the names of the 3-year-old wonder that rocked this family’s world. The first of his generation, and my only nephew, he holds a special place in our hearts. Full of mischief, never still, eyes twinkling. His first word was “dad,” but close behind was “tractor!” Tractors are this little boy’s oddly chosen passion. We all thought he’d go on to pick something more exciting, flit to other hobbies, but 3 years later Benny’s love of tractors is tried and true! We sing him “the tractor song” on long car rides, watch farm documentaries at home, and read tractor themed books before bed. I’d love to have the (tractor 6565) charm to immortalize this tractor love affair forever.
•The most precious wish in my and my husband’s heart right now is to have a child. We are trying for our first baby, and with health complications on my end we anticipate a lengthy journey. I would love to have the (small wishbone 0676) to represent this seed of hope in our hearts and to bring us luck!
•My Wisconsin husband! 5 years ago, I moved from Michigan to Wisconsin and met the love of my life. It was never supposed to be a permanent move, but who could walk away from a smile like that?? My artistic heart never thought it would align with a “sports guy” who grimaces at the very smell of a coffee shop, but we’re one of those opposites attract couples. The one thing for which we have a shared love is CHEESE. It binds us together like glue, with its melty, gooey deliciousness. I’d love to have the (cheese wheel 2352) charm to represent my cheese-headed lover!
•My middle name is Rose and I always felt that it suited me best. My mother’s always said I have a heart as tender as it’s petals and I’ve always been drawn to the soft and feminine. I’d like to represent this part of myself with the (rose with stone 6489) charm.

Thank you for reading my story and thank you for this opportunity!

-Hillary B., May 2019 Winner



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