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Rembrandt Charms: Over 200 movable charms to add to your charm collection!

April 25, 2018 – Williamsville, NY:

Rembrandt Charms puts the motion in emotion with over 200 charms that have movable parts!  Movable charms are a fun way for collectors to recall a family vacation to an amusement park with the Ferris Wheel or carousel charm.  For the musically inclined, a piano that opens makes a charming gift.  The compass charm is the perfect way for your customers to show that they have direction in life or just love the outdoors.  For foodies, a mixer charm or a corkscrew charm will stir their emotions and feed their appetites for more charms.  Rembrandt offers thousands of charms in gold and silver, so that every customer can tell their story.  The entire collection is covered by our Lifetime Warranty, reflecting the craftsmanship, dedication and commitment of Rembrandt’s entire staff.  Just what you would expect from a company that values quality and craftsmanship as much as you do!

“Retail jewelers and their charm collectors expect exceptional quality and customer service. We pride ourselves in providing both. The beauty of a charm bracelet is that it is a timeless collectible that can be passed down for generations.  Each charm bracelet tells a unique and personal story.  As we continue to invest in supporting our retailers, we ask that retailers continue to select Rembrandt Charms, a company dedicated full to charms, rather than alternative companies that do not specialize in the charm business,” states Michael Metzger, Chief Operating Officer, Rembrandt Charms.

Rembrandt’s charm collectors return to their jewelers throughout the year to add to their charm bracelets, and to shop for family and friends.  With every charm bracelet sale, retail jewelers learn more about their customers’ interests and lives.  Relationships are developed leading to repeat business.  By offering Rembrandt’s vast charm collection in Sterling Silver and Karat Gold, retail jewelers can offer the perfect charms and price-points to every customer.  Whether it’s movable or one piece,Rembrandt has a charm for every interest, event, hobby or memory!

Rembrandt Charms is a family owned company that has been designing and manufacturing charms and charm bracelets for more than two generations. Rembrandt Charms merchandise is sold exclusively by retail jewelers and available in more than 14,000 retail jewelry stores throughout North America.  The charm collection is offered in 14 Karat White and Yellow Gold, 10 Karat Yellow Gold, Gold Plate, and Sterling Silver.  All Rembrandt Charms merchandise is made entirely in the United States and Canada, and Sterling Silver charms are Rhodium Plated to prevent tarnishing.  Contact Rembrandt Charms today to learn how their Business Building Charm Program has enabled thousands of retail jewelers to save valuable time, increase sales, and cultivate generations of new and repeat loyal customers!

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