I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon (Portland City of Roses charm 8308), which makes me something of a rarity in my town. I often wondered what my life would have been like if I had moved away for college or something, but as people have told me, “If you’re going to be stuck in your hometown, Portland is a good one to be stuck in”!

Two things stick in my mind from when I was a little one; our two cats (Sitting Cat Accent charm #0977) Freckles and Muffin. Both were black and white, Freckles a little bit bigger, Muffin with a round tummy. We had cats for most of my whole life at home, and I still have two cats now, Rufus and Moses, both of whom have curious eating habits; Moses eats a ton, Rufus, very little (I sneak Rufus extra food when Moses isn’t looking). The other thing I remember (so maybe it’s three things, counting the two cats) is the box of ‘scrap paper’ my mother kept in the kitchen for me. I drew all the time, and have continued as an artist to this day (Artist Palette charm #8272). I would like to thank my mother for fostering this interest, helping me become who I was meant to be.

One thing that didn’t quite work out was third-grade lessons at school on the clarinet, which I chose because we had one in a closet in my childhood home. (Clarinet Accent charm #5550) Although as a young adult I would pick up the bass guitar and play in bands for a few years, I gave up the clarinet after just a couple of weeks! (I never even learned how to play ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’ – in fact that was the song that broke me.)

While I was playing ‘modern rock’ I met a wonderful person whom I would later marry. Actually, we met while we were both working in administrative positions at a Real Estate brokerage, (House Key Accent charm #8337) a circumstance that led us to buy a house together after dating for only a half-year. After a time, we decided to have a baby, a girl, who was due on Easter Sunday. She was a couple of weeks late, but still made it in time to be an April baby. (April Love Birthstone charm #3334) Of course we loved her very much and obsessively took pictures and videos! (Camcorder charm #8319) I’m still trying to get stacks of mini-DVDs edited and into one space, but that’s another story.

Our daughter, this marvelous young lady, has developed both a love of art, like her dad (blush) and a real love of reading! She participated in several ‘Battle of the Books’ competitions in school, forming a team of readers who dubbed themselves “Open Books” (Open Book charm #3160). In fact, she loves reading so much, she inspired me to return to my school-days habit of avid reading, for which I thank her.

As time has gone on, we are still having lots of fun together. We often go hiking, (Backpack charm #8191) and enjoy taking vacations together during Spring Break and in the summer. This last year we spent a great week in Victoria, British Columbia, and also down in the San Francisco Bay Area, where among other things we explored Alcatraz Island. (Alcatraz Oval Disc charm #3587). I am happy to have such a great daughter, and for her awesome mother. I don’t know where the future will lead, but it seems to be going in the right direction.

– Kurt D., Portland, OR





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