I would like to dedicate this life story to my step-mother, JoAnn. She is a wonderful person, through and through. She was my father’s best friend and was there with him until his last day. JoAnn was born on May 24th. (Embraced with Love #8350). She was very close with both of her parents. When her parents needed her, she was there to take care of both of them as they aged. (Daughter Disc Charm #4161). JoAnn was a wonderful Kindergarten teacher. She taught for over 30 years. She would often tell me how neat it was to see students she once taught, all grown up. She was always very artistic and would show off these beautiful talents when writing cards to my kids – her grandkids- as they were growing up. (Number 1 Teacher Apple Charm #3460). My step-mom is a mom to 3 awesome boys. She, unfortunately, was forced to raise her boys alone after she and her ex-husband divorced. She raised 3 very caring and compassionate young men. My father had a good hand in helping her raise them. I didn’t realize what an important impact that was until my father passed away. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I wished I understood things better years ago. (Mother Open Heart Charm – #3500).

My dad married the love of his life a year after I got married. He and my step-mom were inseparable. My father loved playing guitar and loved to dance with my step-mom. It was like magic watching the both of them dance. (Kiss the Bride – #8156 and Electric Guitar Charm – #8221). When my step-mom would bake my father’s favorite desserts, he would always say that they were baked with love. Between my father and my step-mother, they had 5 children, 6 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild. (Tree of Life – #0808). Shortly after I found out I was pregnant with my fourth child – my son, my dad informed me he had a very rare blood cancer and that he was very sick. My step-mom did everything she could do to take the best care of my father, especially during the really hard days. It was during these times I had and have such respect for my step-mother. The things she had to face! She doesn’t realize just how strong she is. My father passed away early last November. Needless to say, that was a very devastating time for me and my family. JoAnn’s faith in God gets her through each day. I try to remind her that she is not alone. We are all there for her. She feels so lost without my father. I thought this bracelet would be a small reminder of how much she is loved and what an impact she has made in my life. (Small Guardian Angel – #2214 and Faith, Hope and Charity – #0541).

– Pamela H., A Love Story, October 2017 Winner


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