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We recently added a 330 Charm Tower and the response has been overwhelming! ROI has been 10x what we paid.”

William Baxley

Avonlea Jewelry

Diamonds are my passion at Marks Jewelers. However, you can’t underestimate the value of your other fine jewelry, especially lines that cultivate life long collectors. Rembrandt Charms is a strong supporting line for us. Traditional sentimental charms and bracelets are an always trending staple in the industry; that’s why we feature Rembrandt’s largest floor display, which is custom painted to match our décor perfectly. More charm collectors, additional fine jewelry purchases, more diamond sales…Rembrandt helps get me there. Passion fulfilled.”

Jim Brusilovsky

Marks Jewelers

At Nigrelli’s Jewelry, we feature the Rembrandt Charms collection in a beautiful white 720 floor display. The charm display looks amazing in our store! Rembrandt Charms has introduced us to thousands of new and repeat customers and we’ve learned our customers’ most sentimental memories. We are listed on Rembrandt’s Retail Locator and receive access to digital and print marketing content each month. Thank you, Rembrandt, for making it easy and a success!
Bill Nigrelli

Nigrelli's Jewelry

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