Hello, my name is Kaity and this is my story:

1.Camera Charm (#7754)
I have always loved pictures. For as long as I can remember, I have always cherished people’s adventures. I feel like my most prized possessions are my pictures. I remember as a kid I would go through picture albums and it brought joy to me seeing where my grandparents grew up or my nana’s first date. A moment frozen in time. For me this was always a conversation starter. And, I’m still like this. I take so many pictures, I drive my husband crazy but I don’t want to miss a thing!

2.Cross Charm (#0756)
I’m thankful for my savior. No matter what I’ve went through, good or bad, He has never gave up on me. I don’t know where I would be if I had not trusted God. What a mess I’d be without his love and guidance. He has taking care of me and blessed me more than I ever deserved.

3.Rings Charm (#0293)
The best day of my life (other than my baby being born) was the day I got married. I couldn’t do life without Austin. He’s the love of my whole life. He has supported me and loved me when no one else has. I’m thankful we found each other. We bring out the best in one another. We have grown up together and spent our very best days together.

4.August Birthstone (#8350-08)
August is a BIG month for my little family. All our birthdays are in this month! It’s nice to celebrate so close together!

5.North Carolina (#3131)
I love to travel. I love to learn different cultures and see just how beautiful our world is. But there is no place like HOME. I’m a Carolina girl to the core. I love BBQ, sweet tea and tomato sandwiches. My vocabulary is full of southern slang and references that makes it obvious where I’m from. My heart will always be in these mountains.

6. Baby Shoe (#2393)
There’s nothing like being a mama! I love my little baby girl more than life itself. Being a mom gave my life meaning. I’m so thankful for my sassy, curious, beautiful baby girl. She’s my best friend.

7.Peanut Charm (#8195)
I know it may seem silly, but a peanut is a very significant symbol in my life. First off, that’s my husband’s long time nick name. As a teenager…that’s what everyone referred to him as. So, everyone knows us as Peanut and Kaity, that’s us! Second, I had a miscarriage before having my sweet little girl. When we first got pregnant we referred to our unborn baby as baby peanut (because of my husband) We may not ever know what that baby was, but that was still our first little peanut.

8.Ice Cream Cone (#8141)
I love Ice Cream. Anyone who knows me knows the way to my heart is chocolate chip cookie dough! When I was pregnant…I had a bad sweet tooth. Every Tuesday a group of our friends, would get together. All the girls were pregnant-and we wanted ice cream. What started as a craving each week, turned into a sweet friendship. We are all so close now and are raising our babies together.

9.Lily Charm (#4580)
Have you ever seen Easter Lilies in the South? They are my favorite. It’s the start of a beautiful spring. It’s when everything comes back to life after the cold winters here. I always remember seeing these growing up. My Popa planted these all around my Nana’s house because they were her favorite too. I remember he used to pick them and put them on our kitchen counter for her-such a gentleman. And now, I do the same thing. Every time I see these Lilies I think of him and the good man he was.

10. Music Charm (#0291)
Music touches my soul. I’m one of those people that could sing along to any tune and know all the lyrics. I feel like there is a song for your every mood. That’s something I’ve definitely passed to my daughter. She never passes up a good beat!

– Katy G., Canton, NC




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