My story is about my Nana (Oval Photoart #8612). Nana has always been such an import part of my life and when we lost her last year, my world stopped spinning, and as hard as it was on me, it was even harder on my mom. This past year I have spent a lot of time talking with my mom about some of our most special times spent with our Nana. One of my mom’s favorite memories is Nana taking her to ride the merry-go-round (Carousel #3345) at the local Lakeside amusement park when she was a little girl. Another one of mom’s favorite memories is Nana teaching her how to catch butterfly’s in the backyard of her childhood home (Painted Wings Butterfly #8128).

One of my favorite memories is of my Nana and my mom taking me on my first trip to the big candy store downtown, and all of us getting gumballs from the bright red gumball machine outside of the store. (Gumball Machine #8197) Nana always carried around extra quarters for me. Another one of my favorite memories is playing “makeup” with Nana. I was allowed to sit at her vanity, and she would help me put on makeup and use her perfume. (Perfume Atomizer #2968)

My Mom and Nana took me to the state fair nearly every year and even though we were ALL terrified of heights, it was our tradition to ride the Ferris wheel. (Ferris Wheel #8175) when the ride stopped at the top I remember squeezing Nana’s arm and peeking over the side and giggling with her and as she squeezed me back.

Nana taking me to the park as a child has to be one of my most precious memories. Sitting in shade as we struggled to build castles out of that dry soft sand. Scooping it and packing it into my red and yellow sand pail. (Pail & Shovel #8260) The best part about making our “castles” was adding the stick and leaf flags to the top of each tower.

Nana had a lot of health issues all her life, and 3 months before she passed she was diagnosed with cancer. Our last day together, Nana looked so good, she said she felt good and Nana, Mom and I took one last photo together. (Scrolled Classic Heart #1495) We had a wonderful day together. We brought Nana some flowers for her window (Bouquet of Flowers #4507), but she wanted them by her bed side.

The next morning, my Mom called me, and told me that Nana had passed away in her sleep. As our family met to take care of final funeral preparations my mom and I were packing up some of Nana’s things and I came across a drawing I had made when I was in Kindergarten of a teddy bear, that I had made for Nana, and I felt so touched with she had kept it for all those years. (Teddy Bear #8243).

My Mom and I used to go visit Nana’s graveside often, until my husband got a job transfer and we had to move across the country. I don’t get to go back home as often as I would like to spend time with my family, or to visit my Nana.

The charms I have chosen to represent the memory of two dear and wonderful women in my life, my Nana and my Mom. Being so far away from my Mom and away from feeling the memory of my Nana has been hard, but these memories and her love keep me going and make the anticipation of every trip home so much more meaningful.

– Katie B., September Winner

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